The E Method Masterclass (The Fast Track Method to Opening Your Etsy Shop)

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You want to start your own Etsy shop online but you;

  • Don't know where to start.
  • Don't know what to sell.
  • Wish you didn't have to carry inventory or ship products.

No worries, I've got you covered with this valuable 60 minute masterclass. You'll Learn about my method which can get ANY Etsy shop in ANY niche up and running.  You'll learn about this critical foundation that you need to have before you can become successful on Etsy.

In fact many of my students have;

  • NO inventory to carry
  • NO products to ship
  • NO special talent or creative ability 
  • Virtually NO money out of pocket to start
  • An Etsy shop on Autopilot

Open a brand new shop or add passive income products to your existing shop


Join me for this special workshop where I teach you the simple framework that myself, my students and thousands of other Etsy shops are using to sell products and make money online. 

Presented by


Stephanie Graniero Smith

Stephanie, AKA Business Chic Mama inspires people everywhere, from all different walks of life so they can have their own creative online business, EVEN if they don't consider themselves to be creative (which is a crippling and rampant false belief mindset).


About Stephanie;  A multi-passionate fashion designer who became a top 1% Etsy seller earning over $183,000.00 all while homeschooling her high functioning autistic daughter AND running multiple businesses.  


Now she teaches others how to start and grow their Etsy shops with the "Easy as P.I.E. Etsy shop" workshop.


Her mission? To spark creativity and "reset' the broken inspiration button on every single human she comes in contact with.


"I went from nothing, not even an idea, to a fully functioning Etsy shop getting sales in less than a month."~Sheilia K (Wife, Accountant and Mother of 4 ).